7 Activities We are Taking into Fall With Us.

Castanet posted an article recently that highlighted how isolating inflation can be for seniors. We thought we would compile a list of outdoor activities that would help boost the mood of seniors everywhere. Some activities have a small cost while others are entirely free. We consulted other websites and confirmed that being outdoors has positive benefits. Here is what we found:

Meadow Ridge states that there are 4 benefits of being outdoors for seniors.
1. It improves mental health
2. It helps eliminate fatigue
3. It enhances relationships and diminishes a sense of isolation
4. Lowers the overall risk of early death

We agree that being outdoors is a great way to enrich the lives of our residents and create an enjoyable retirement lifestyle. Regency’s calendars are always jam-packed. From bridge to chair yoga and beyond, we ensure that there is never a dull moment in your retirement. Here are some summer activities we want to bring into the autumn season with us.

Outdoor Ice Cream Socials

Our residents enjoy their ice cream on the various building patios, listening to music or admiring art. While it may seem like this will need to change or be scratched off the calendar entirely, we know events like this can be made much more weather appropriate. Rather than an Ice Cream Social, why not host an outdoor hot chocolate social complete with marshmallows and whip cream? Have extra blankets on hand and play some acoustic guitar for the best fall vibes.

Tasting Tours

Our residents have been enjoying a wine tour or two, a fun summer activity within the Okanagan, and thankfully most of these locations have an outdoor tasting with heaters that allows for various weather conditions. It’s always nice to try new things with a fun group of people like the residents who live at Regency. To reflect the change in seasons, residents can either enjoy a wine tasting or try new tastings like a Coffee Flight at Bright Jenny or Cider at Truck 59. Thankfully, with the growth of the Okanagan, the number of drinks and foods to try is ever-expanding.

Park Visits.

Parks are beautiful places to go in the Okanagan. Our residents are not strangers to going for a dip in the beautiful Okanagan Lake during the hot summer months. That said, the Okanagan is just as, if not more, awe-inspiring during the autumn season. Our trees turn robust colours of red yellow, and brown. And, our paths confetti with leaves made more pleasant by the cooler temps.

Scenic Drives

While this is similar to the above. We suggest heading into various areas of town to see how wonderful the trees look when they shift from their greens to pleasant yellows, bright reds, and warm browns. The North End and Glenmore, filled with all their trees, have superb mountain views that those on the bus can look at and admire. Stop at the top of the hill for a photo and see what the beautiful Okanagan has to offer.

Outdoor Games

The cooler weather will bring the ability to do fun games and activities that we cannot do in the heat of an Okanagan summer. Our patios can be used to play bean bag toss or host golf tournaments, and trips to parks become much easier in the cooler months. We love autumn for its more forgiving weather.

Outdoor Happy Hour

We enjoy our happy hours outdoor during the summer. But, with the weather shifting, some may think this has to change. We do not think it does. We believe our residents can enjoy a hot toddy, a Moscow Mule, or a delicious coffee with Baileys. Grab your favourite blanket and enjoy a nice hot drink with some of your neighbors.

Farmer’s Market

Many of our residents have been going to the farmers market throughout the summer, and simply because the weather is turning does not mean these trips will or need to stop. The Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton Farmer’s markets all run up to and throughout October. Nothing says fresh like a good fall harvest and a hot apple cider. Even just a stroll through the markets to see all of what the Okanagan has to offer is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

To see an example of our fall calendars, check out our sample. If this lifestyle seems like one you would be interested in, we would love to take you on a tour.