Perhaps you or a member of your family may be ready for the Regency lifestyle? We know the topic of moving to a retirement residence can be a tricky one to discuss.

That is why we have our “It’s Just Lunch” introduction to the enjoyable and enriching Regency retirement living lifestyle. It’s quite simple. Let us know when you would like to take your loved ones for a nice lunch. We will welcome you and leave you free to explore the retirement resort on your own. A table will be reserved for a private, uninterrupted and complimentary lunch as our honoured guests. There’s no pressure but if you have any questions, staff will be available to offer assistance. Otherwise, It’s Just Lunch!

Why not invite your loved ones for lunch today? Please call 250-712-6363 to make reservations at your favourite Regency Retirement Resort…. or contact us using the form below. They just might like it!


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