Am I Ready for Retirement Resort Living?

If you are thinking about Retirement Resort living but are unsure whether you are ready, why not take a few moments to ask yourself the following questions?

Is it important for you…

  • To know you are safe and secure in your home?

  • To have a healthy and nutritious diet without any planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation or dishes to do?

  • To know response is close at hand in the event of an emergency?

  • To have your home and yard maintenance taken care of for you?

  • To have friends and family join you for a movie at your place, instead of asking them to help with chores?

  • To have fitness classes, a fitness centre and walking paths right outside your front door?

  • To have the opportunity to meet new people, take part in a wide range of events and activities and socialize as much as you choose to?

  • To have the daily chores taken care of so you can enjoy time with your significant other or loved ones?

  • To have a driver take you door to door around the town?