Daily life at Regency is welcoming, inclusive and respectful. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, comfortable suites and enriching amenities ensure that you are well cared for in your home. When you know that you are safe and secure in your own home and community, it gives your loved ones peace of mind as well. Safety and security are of primary importance at Regency, ensuring our residents are 100% independent while being supported by a community of staff and residents around them, free from the stress and loneliness of isolation.

Living at Regency allows you to go about your daily activities freely. We have support systems in place to make sure you feel comfortable being independent while knowing that help is close at hand should you ever need it. All our resorts have friendly and caring staff on-site making sure you are healthy, happy and cared for. Whether you have a simple question or there is a more serious concern, we are always nearby to assist you.