Ways to Celebrate your Senior During Seniors Week

Senior’s week has arrived in Kelowna. Whether you know someone near or far, we have collected a number of suggestions to show the senior in your life how much you love and appreciate them (because we know we do!)

Volunteer at Rutland Senior Center

The Rutland Senior Center is in need of those willing to aid in hosting Bingo. Visit the Rutland Senior Society website and offer your help, and help seniors build a sense of community and offer them a chance to go to a fun event. We know your help will make a difference in a senior’s life. 

Couple sharing a laugh

Call Grandparents and other senior citizens that may be in your life

Being a senior can often-times be quite lonely. Calling someone you know is the best way to remind them how much you love and miss them. Seniors want to feel useful and not forgotten by those in their life. Connect with them, you will brighten their day and show how valuable they are in your life 

Take part in a charitable event that helps find cures for illnesses

Visit Kelowna’s website and look at the calendar posted on their News and Events tab for upcoming events hosted by charities aiming to help illnesses and diseases faced by young and elderly people alike. Many people require more care and assistance as they get older and by supporting these charities you can show seniors in your life that what they experience matters to you. Here are some charities that we suggest: 


Senior looking out at a beautiful lake



Heart and Stroke Foundation

BC Cancer Foundation



Wii Bowling

Seniors vary greatly in their ability to not only play games that they used to but in their ability to get to the places hosting the games. We highly suggest Wii Bowling as an option for seniors. As this  can be done from the comfort of their home or yours, and is a great way to get moving.

Take your Pensioner for a walk

Kelowna features wonderful walking areas (many of them mobility aide accessible). We love the Okanagan and know that seniors do too. Take a senior in your life to many of the well-groomed, well-paved walking areas available to you throughout Kelowna. 



Lovely Walks in Kelowna:
Ethel Street
Abbot Street 
Downtown Boardwalk
Kelowna Rail Trail
Gellatly Bay Recreational Corridor


Trips to the casino

Who doesn’t love a good trip to the casino with their favorite Golden-ager? Gambling addictions aside, of course! Play your penny slots, Roulette, or Blackjack, and offer the seniors close to you an event that makes them feel on top of the world. 

Buy them a puzzle or novel

For the more introverted senior in your life, we highly recommend bringing them a puzzle or a book. Those of us who are retired have plenty of time on our hands, and nothing sounds better than a nice cup of hot chocolate (or a glass of wine) and a challenging puzzle or thrilling novel.


Woman on bench reading


Regency Retirements offers a great way to show your loved ones that you appreciate them. With our amazing facilities, amenities, and grounds, we offer the best experience for those ready to relax into their retirement. If any or all of the above suggestions entice you to show your seniors how much you love them, Regency offers you a way to do so with ease. Email us at info@regencyresorts.ca.