What Separates Us From 55+ Apartments and Care?

You Can Build a Community

Want to create a community of friends with common interests? Our robust activities calendar will give you plenty of opportunities to introduce yourself to fellow residents and find new interests you may not even know you had. Our dedicated Fun Force Directors tend to your happiness and your fun. Not interested in activities? No problem. Show up whenever you want and enjoy leisure your way. Various events are planned throughout the month to suit the needs of all our residents. From card games to parties and happy hours, our residents have many options to choose from to enrich their retirement lifestyle and feel the freedom they deserve.

Cleaning Done for You

We offer bi-weekly linen and housekeeping service. You won’t even need to be in your room; take a load off and head to our country kitchen for a vanilla latte while we take care of your suite. From bathrooms to floors, the Regency housekeepers ensure your spaces are taken care of so that you can focus on your retirement and embrace what enriches you.

Experience Excellent Staff

Our front desk/ administration staff and management are always there to help with whatever needs you have. From ordering taxis to engaging in casual conversation, the people manning the front desk know how best to serve our residents. There to answer questions, be a friend, and help you manage the day-to-day stressors, those of the management team are here for you.

Superb Dining That Suits You

Are you tired of cooking and all the cleanup your meals entail? We understand. We can cook your meals too. Regency offers various meal options from eggs to pancakes to a simple fruit salad. You can choose how much or how little you eat at each meal. Want only half a piece of lasagna? No trouble, we can do that too. Never feel overwhelmed by cooking again; Regency’s got you covered. With a full kitchen staff, we ensure our residents are nourished and happy. Want something added to the menu? Culinary meetings are added to our activities calendar to better please our residents.

Many Welcoming Spaces

Nothing says luxury like having all of your needs taken care of in one building. A library, pool table, and puzzle room adorn each building making for a relaxed common space for residents to drink a coffee, play a game of crib, or get that 8-ball rolling. A gym for games like curling and fitness ensures your health is at the top of your mind. Like wine? Woodworking? You’ll have a place to facilitate your hobbies either solo or with friends. Not interested in any of the above? Our Regency Theaters are great for you and your family. Showing different movies every week, experience the quality of a cinema experience with the added benefit of being with your friends in your own home. Our common recreation areas set us apart and allow our residents to facilitate their community and create a vibrant life in whatever way they wish.

Services Brought to You

Want to get your hair done? Would you like to get your walker adjusted? We bring in specialists to best serve you. Get your hair done in our in-house salon with a hairstylist you can get to know. Or enjoy a hearing aid clinic to help you improve one of your most vital senses. Regency knows that life can get overwhelming with everything you must do daily, but we have created our service to alleviate this pressure during retirement. When Regency takes care of the everyday tasks, how will you embrace life’s enriching moments?

Whatever your needs are Regency Retirement Resorts is here for you. We have combined beautiful living environments with extensive lifestyle amenities and caring personal service to offer seniors the utmost in enjoyable and enriched retirement living. As their name implies, they are true resorts! So, are you ready to embrace enrichment?