General testimonials for all of the Regency Resorts.


I knew it was just what I was looking for.

I walked in, had an interview and just fell in love with the place.


I’ve never seen a place that has such universal good people.


It’s just such a pleasant place to be.

It’s like being on a cruise.


We have a pastry chef and our deserts are so delicious.

We have an Executive Chef so our meals are prepared fresh everyday.


Especially me being European, I love my food.

When I found out this is like a four star hotel kitchen with gourmet food, that made up my mind.


I love the happy hours, the dancing and the live entertainment.

I belong to the Missionwood choir and that’s a really wonderful thing.


My family thinks it’s great that I’m here because I’m being looked after.

People that live in these places benefit from the care in every way, the meals, knowing your safe and what not.


I just have to tell everybody how happy I am because I love it here.


All the get-togethers and the staff are just phenomenal.

There’s the gym, the book club, all the different game and card games. We have entertainment that comes in which is wonderful.


It’s just like home. It’s just a wonderful place.