Regency Show ‘n Shine

Regency’s residents took a walk down memory lane last month when houses hosted the Okanagan chapter of Vintage Car Club of Canada and the Okanagan British Car Club for a number of Show ‘n Shine events. Throughout the month, residents were welcome to come to the front parking lot and explore what each of the clubs offered , with vintage cars of every shape, color, and size dating back to the Model T.

Residents and community members alike showed up and admired the vintage cars, all as pristine as the day they were made—and created an enjoyable feeling of community for all in attendance. Throughout my time at this event, attendees and residents spoke fondly of the memories these vehicles brought to the surface. Some shared a feeling of fondness in remembering their dad or the husband who loved cars, while others a tinge of sadness at having to give up their license and with it their car. These cars acted as a vessel for memory and brought something to all in attendance.

Black and shiny Model-T


After looking at the cars, residents and car fanatics were invited to a lunch hosted by some of the Regency Chefs. The lunch offered residents and other attendees the chance to chat and connect over the cars and the experiences these vehicles reminded them of. The liveliness of each building hosting such a joyous event spoke of positive times to come.

Additionally, one of the resorts hosted a charity hot dog lunch and was able to raise three-thousand dollars for the Salvation Army’s Ukrainian Relief fund. Regency’s Show ‘n Shine truly exemplified the meaning of community that Regency advocates, proving how connected retirement can be.

At Regency, we strive to offer our residents a place that makes them feel at home and welcome—last month showed just that.