How to Celebrate the Regency Way

Regency Retirement Resorts, home to hundreds of retirees throughout the Okanagan, is decking the halls this holiday season. Regency makes it our mission to provide the most welcoming and festive holiday season possible. While some of our residents will go to their families during the holidays, others will stay at home on the big day, and we like to make our resorts feel like family. Our holiday season is made wondrous by using a three-pronged approach featuring festive events, warm food and holiday snacks, and cozy décor.



During events and performances from guest entertainers, residents are always welcome to sing along and join in the caroling fun, but the most notable opportunity is the Regency Resident Appreciation. During this event, the staff will carol for the residents, and the residents are welcome to join. We spend an evening appreciating another great year collaborating alongside each other and wish one another a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

Throughout December, choirs come in and serenade the residents. These harmonic songs fill the halls and bring a warm and cozy feeling to the hearts of all. The turnout for entertainers like these is positive and increases companionship and belonging during the holiday season. Sitting with a group of peers and enjoying music creates a connection. Regency ensures everyone feels joy during the holiday season.


Regency always prepares a delicious Christmas and holiday dinner. With turkey and potatoes, stuffing, and veg, your holidays will feel like they did at home. Our amazing staff work on Christmas day to make you feel as pampered as any other day. Not only is there a hearty Christmas dinner, but we cook a luxurious New Year’s Eve meal, often with steak and champagne

Eggnog Shortbread and Gingerbread Cookies: During the holiday seasons, our chefs try to bring a little festive cheer into their desserts, namely their cookies. With flavors like Eggnog Shortbread and Ginger Snap, residents are welcome to these treats at almost all points of the day. These cookies may be small compared to larger festive food endeavors, but a bite of Christmas sure tastes better than an oatmeal raisin. 


A twelve-foot tree graces the dining room of the resort. Westwood’s tree is fit with a train while others are set in front of several windows which create wonderous reflections.

Residents are more than welcome to decorate their shelves throughout the year, but during December an annual ledge decorative competition takes place wherein the most festive décor wins a prize during the Resident Appreciation Party. Residents get out their Christmas and winter best to showcase how spirited they truly are. A walk down the halls feels like you’re in your own little Candy Cane Lane.

While to most, it’s the outdoor lights that matter most, Regency also likes to ensure that the Christmas lights indoors are just as wonderful. In some buildings, lights are strewn across the dining room, while in others the lights illuminate the three Christmas trees found in the dining room.

Garland staircases and fireplaces alike will be decked out in holiday cheer this December. This cute added touch makes the room look cozy and decorates frequently attended areas.

Santa, of course! What would the holidays look like without the big man? Whether Santa arrives on Christmas day or just for Resident Appreciation, his presence is found throughout all the resorts.


Our mission is to make the holiday experience feel warm and welcoming in the best way we know how. This holiday season, come in and experience a warm and welcoming retirement resort and see what makes Regency so enriching.