Christie’s Canada Day Party Tricks


Canada Day is just a few short days away, in honour of our country’s birthday, we thought we would ask one of our Fun Force Directors for her suggestions on how to host a great Canada Day Party. Here are some of her top tips:

Canada Day Cake or Cupcakes

For a livelier party, we suggest some delicious red and white pastries or foods. Nothing says party like a cake or cupcakes. Not only will it give you continuity with the Canada day theme, but it will do the double duty of being décor and party fuel. We love this as a staple at any party.

Red and White dress-up Contest

For those attending the party, we suggest you hold a costume contest. Those with the best costumes will be given a prize of some sort. Suggest that your attendees dress for the red and white theme in the most creative way they can think of and see what happens. Your pictures will look funky and cool after this additional party trick…see what we did there…party trick.

Choir performing Canadian songs

Suppose you are hosting a party or, like us, an event at a Retirement Resort. In either case, Canadian songs are a solid way to keep the party going. From Michael Bublé  and Gordon Lightfoot to Paul Anka and Celine Dion, your playlist or, in our case, the choir should be full of Canadian voices and tunes that remind us of home.

Canadian Themed Movies

At regency Resorts, our residents love a good movie. Why not celebrate this festive day with a Canadian film or show for those who might want a more relaxed July 1st? We highly suggest throwing on Anne with an E and settling in for a Canadian classic.

Canadian Trivia/Facts

A trivia challenge is always a fun game to play during a party. We suggest asking Canadian-themed questions at this year’s Canada Day Parties. We also love throwing in a few good jokes to ensure no stone is left unturned. Hey, how do you get a Canadian to apologize? …Step on their foot!

Come visit us at our Canada Day booth in downtown Kelowna or take a tour at one of our resorts. Regency wishes you a fun and safe Canada Day!