Westwood’s October Calendar

5 Fall Events Happening Throughout the Okanagan.


Fall may slow some of us down, but our residents will be bringing their busy summer schedules into the autumn season and you can too with these fun festive fall activities. Here is a list of five fall events throughout the Okanagan as stated on their website.


  1. Scarecrow Festival

September 25th | 11am-4pm

Just picture the leaves around you, the smell of the straw, and the feeling of autumn without having to leave the city! Everybody is welcome to come and try their hand at creating their own unique Scarecrow to be entered into our contest for prizes. Come out and shop your local favorites, listen to some live music, and join in all the activities we have to offer!


  1. Peachland Fall Fair

September 10th | 1-6pm

September 11 | 10am-4pm

With the atmosphere and content of an old-fashioned country fair, right in the heart of beautiful downtown Peachland, this is a September event not to be missed. Now is your opportunity to bake or preserve something, plant some seeds to nurture, crochet or knit something, quilt, carve or build, and take photographs. You might even win a prize!


  1. The Great Spallumcheen Farm and Food Festival

September 25 | 10am-3pm

Experience the tastes of food and beverages produced and/or processed by local vendors. Take a stroll into the field adjacent to our mill to take in the ploughing competition or take a step back in time to enjoy the vintage tractor display and demonstrations, an antique threshing machine at work, or treats from the clay bake oven.


  1. Penticton Community Market

September 3rd-24th | 8:30am-1:30pm

The Downtown Penticton Association hosts the weekly Downtown Community Market, located along Main and Front Streets and Backstreet Boulevard. Rain or shine (May to mid-October) the Downtown Community Market brings Penticton to life each Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until the early afternoon. Each season Penticton’s regular marketeers and visitors alike are delighted with the hundreds of vendors who feature handmade goods including clothing, food, and jewelry, collectibles, antiques and furniture, as well as the weekly food vendors, live music and entertainment that combine to create a fabulous downtown vibe.


  1. Corn Maze at O’Keefe Ranch

Now until October 30th

As of July 21st, our corn maze is up and running! Bring your family, friends, and guests to traverse the maze together or challenge yourself to see how fast you can finish it! Each year the maze changes so don’t expect to be an expert just yet. Admission to the maze is $5/person and you may complete it multiple times in the same day!

Not only are Fun things happening all over the Okanagan, but our residents will have their hands full this fall with a packed activities schedule. Below are the fun things enriched retirees living in Regency have to look forward to in these next few months:

  1. Oktoberfest, celebrated every year between September 17th and October 3, will be a fun event for Residents to enjoy with their peers and families. Resorts all over the Okanagan are set to celebrate beer and the Bavarian culture together. Fit with pretzels and cheese dip, you too can make this Oktoberfest one to remember!
  2. Halloween is done in a big way throughout Regency. Across the Okanagan, residents dress up in their spookiest, whackiest, or downright cutest costumes and show up to fun parties and gatherings. Elementary school students normally stop in and show off their costumes while trick-or-treating and singing. Halloween is a wonderful time to celebrate with fellow residents and staff alike.
  3. While some residents will go away for the Thanksgiving holiday, others choose to stay in the resort, either inviting their families to join them or eating their festive feast with their Regency family. Regency does thanksgiving in a big way with a LARGE holiday meal fit for an amazing finish to the long weekend.
  4. Each resort will be featuring various events across their individual activities calendars this fall. Happy hours are always a common occurrence with some resorts adding evening concerts into the mix. Other fun events residents can look forward to are the exciting trips to wineries, farmers’ markets, orchards, and many more fun places. Stop in and see us enjoy a fun fall event and see what enriched retirement is all about.

Fall may slow some of us down, but our residents sure are going to be bringing their busy summer schedules into the autumn season and you can too with these fun festive fall activities. Stop in and see us enjoy a fun fall event and see what enriched retirement is all about.

September Calendar

Regency’s Guide to the Perfect Summer Salad

We know that summer days are hot and the last thing on your agenda is to go home and spend time cooking on the hot stove. Salads are a great meal to add to your summer rotation and help you feel refreshed during those hotter days. We’ve provided you with the recipe for some great salads to add to your menu.

Chef’s Salad


  • Lettuce
  • Hard-boiled Egg
  • Ham
  • Chicken
  • Avocado
  • Blue Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  1. We suggest washing all the vegetables before you begin cutting them for your meal.
  2. Then take a large bowl and chop the lettuce into 1-inch ribbons
  3. Place the lettuce in the large bowl.
  4. Cut the cucumber, tomato, and avocado into ½-inch matchsticks. Place these in the bowl. We suggest you do so artfully so you may Instagram the salad later.
  5. If you need to boil your egg or cook your ham or chicken, we suggest you do so. (Good substitutes include pre-pulled chicken from Maple Leaf, Back Bacon, or any assortment of deli meats). Cut all these ingredients into bite-size pieces. Add them to your salad in an artful manner.
  6. Finally, Crumble Blue cheese onto your salad and use the ranch to dress (or use a blue cheese dressing)
  7. Take a picture of your #saladgoals and enjoy!

Waldorf Salad

  • Grapes
  • Walnuts
  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Chicken
  • Lemon zest
  • Apples
  • Sweet cream mayo
  1. Wash all the fruit and vegetables before beginning the assembly process.
  2. Then take a large bowl and chop the lettuce into 1-inch ribbons
  3. Place the lettuce in the large bowl.
  4. Cut grapes in ½ lengthwise and place them in the bowl
  5. Cut celery into ½-inch slices and huck them in the salad
  6. Cut up your apples into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle them into the mixture
  7. Cut or pull apart chicken and add it to the salad
  8. Sprinkle walnuts over the salad
  9. Add the zest of lemon to your tasty creation
  10. Lastly, add a sweet cream mayo and stir until combined
  11. Bring that salad to your next great BBQ and be the talk of the town.

Taco Salad

  • Avocado
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese
  • Ground Beef
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell peppers
  • Red onions
  • Salsa
  • Sour Cream
  • Small strips of tortilla chips
  1. Wash all the fruit and vegetables before beginning the assembly process.
  2. Then take a large bowl and chop the lettuce into 1-inch ribbons
  3. Place the lettuce in the large bowl.
  4. Grate cheese and add to your bed of lettuce
  5. Cut tomatoes, bell peppers, 1/2 a red onion, and an avocado into bite-sized pieces
  6. Cook and season ground beef with taco seasoning
  7. Add tomatoes, avocado, onion, bell pepper, and beef to the salad bowl
  8. Dress in sour cream and salsa
  9. Mix
  10. Sprinkle each bowl of salad with strips of tortilla chips


Our residents enjoy these salads and more on both our wonderful salad bars and within our menu options, all of which would not be possible without the help of our wonderful kitchen staff.

We are expanding our team. Join the culinary team at Northwood or Westwood and you will discover why so many great people from the culinary industry chose to work in a retirement home! As we provide excellent service to retirees, we are experiencing a need to expand our kitchen team. As a cook, you will oversee prepping and cleaning items such as vegetables and fruits, preparing salads and desserts, and preparing meats and fish. You will be supported in this undertaking by excellent kitchen staff headed by our Chef. At Regency, we support an excellent work-life balance. In this role, you must be able to work weekends, and being comfortable working in a fast-paced professional Kitchen is essential to your success at the Regency. All services in the organization are designed to meet the needs and well-being of residents. Come create and play with flavors, textures, and presentations to make a positive impact on our resident’s life!

Go to our Careers page and send us an email


Visit our Indeed page and see what job suits you best!

7 Local Places to Go in Kelowna

If you are just coming to Kelowna to visit, are moving to town for school, or have lived here your whole life, Kelowna has some wonderful local stores to shop and eat at. We’ve compiled a list of great places to visit in your time here.


A downtown staple specializing in home decor, accessories, and little hidden gems, Funktional has a wide variety of goodies to look at and choose from.

Photo: Funktional Instagram


A coffee shop nestled in a quaint avenue near the casino, Sprout makes wonderful coffee and even better bread and baked goods. Their open and inviting décor allows you to sit and enjoy a coffee while staring out at the street beyond or just listening to the bustle of the shop.

Photo: Sprout Bread Shop Instagram

Parlour Ice Cream

One of downtown Kelowna’s ice cream shops, Parlour is known for its vegan and dairy homemade ice creams. While the line to order may be long in the summer, this delectable treat is worth the wait.

Photo: Parlour Ice Cream Instagram

OKGN Lifestyle

Who doesn’t want to represent their home region with stylishly designed apparel and accessories? OKGN Lifestyle has been in Kelowna for many years and has established itself as a trendy and quality brand. Located right next to Sprout, these make for a wonderful fall morning wearing your new sweater and sipping a latte.

Photo: Okanagan Lifestyle Instagram

Mosaic Books

One of our local bookstores, Mosaic offers a plentiful variety of new and bargain books for readers to peruse. Located right in the downtown core, Mosaic makes for the perfect stop on the way to the beach.

Photo: Mosaic Books Instagram

Chickpeace Zero Waste Refillery

For those of us looking to reduce the waste we produce and shop more sustainably, Chickpeace offers a great place to fill your reusable containers or buy sustainable makeup, cleaning products, or utensils. Located near the landmark buildings, Chickpeace is a wonderful alternative to shopping for single-use plastics.

Photo: Chickpeace Zero Waste Refillery Instagram


A sleeper hit, Central is in the North End of Kelowna. Their amazing culinary creations will have you returning time and again. With both a great cocktail and food menu as well as vegan alternatives, what more could you ask for?

Photo: Central Kelowna Instagram

How to detect an email scam

Email and phone scams are highly prevalent with most people receiving one or the other or both. These scams take thousands of dollars from individuals and make it very difficult to determine their legitimacy. Here are some helpful tips to look out for when opening an email and attempting to figure out whether it’s a scam.




Who is the email from?

Using the example above: The first thing one should do is look at who the email is from, this is usually found at the top of the email. This email says it’s from Apple, and that my Apple ID has been locked. Knowing that I want to look at the address of the sender and see a corporate email address. This email address is a jumbled combination of letters and numbers. This is not something a company would send to its clients. Not only does this look unprofessional, but companies know that this looks untrustworthy. Secondly, the email received does not come from Apple.ca. Rather, it comes from Dynatekweb.com. I, therefore, must then ask myself, “who are they and why would an Apple email come from them?”. Legitimate companies and people would use a common email address like Gmail or Outlook or related websites to send their emails (Irwin). If I am still concerned about the legitimacy of the sender’s address, I could then go to the internet and see if this company is legitimate. After a search on Google.com, an online database, I have determined that the website to which the sender’s email address belongs to does not exist. Now my suspicions have been piqued and I can either delete the email without any further perusing. But sometimes a suspicious email address is not always an immediate indicator, and we must delve deeper.

Are they using your name or any other identifying information?

Next, I would look to see if they are addressing you directly. Is there anything telling you that this email is for you personally? Normally, a safe email will address you by your first name or by your surname example:// Hello, John or Hello, Mr. Smith. If the email does not have any personal information which directly relates to you, this should serve as an indication that this is a generic email sent to many people, as is the case above. In the above, my Apple ID is not indicated, nor is my name. Because there is no information to tell me that this email is, in fact, about me, I am wary about the truth behind its contents. I would have given a company or other sender my information to receive the email, and, to increase the chance of me opening it, they would want to use that information to attract my attention. Anything asking you to send money or verify your information should already have your information.


As part of the CASL Act, Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Act, companies are required to ask that people opt-in to their emails. In other words, you must tell the company, “Yes, it’s okay that you send me emails”. This usually shows up when you are registering for an account with an online store or service. The opt-in is usually a box a user checks while completing the registration process. Secondly, the act states that companies must also always have an option allowing the reader to unsubscribe from emails, to say “Please stop sending me emails”. If at the bottom of the email, there is no option to unsubscribe and you know that you did not opt-in to receive this email, it is a scam.

Are there any trust seals?

Trust seals are things like logos and trademark Ô or copyrightÓ symbols. These tell you that this company is legitimate. In the email above, Apple’s logo is not displayed nor are there any trademarks or copyright symbols indicating that the email can be taken for its word. See below for an example of what the email should look like:

In the above example, they’ve included the Apple logo, their company name, a link to their policy, and a clearly defined copyright symbol. These trust seals let me know that this is a legitimate email. Without these indicators of legitimacy, I would be cautious to click on anything in the email or respond with my information.

“Is the email poorly written?” (Irwin)

When I look at the body, the meat and potatoes one could say, of the spam email exampled at the beginning of this post, I can see that much of what is written is not grammatically correct. This indicates to me that the email is not to be trusted. Companies and people emailing you with legitimate concerns want you to trust that what they are saying is true and therefore will ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Because of all the grammatical errors, I know this is a scam email. Large companies would have checked an email numerous times and passed the email through many people to review before it was actually sent out to customers. If you see any of the mistakes as is indicated above, take them as an alert that this email is a scam.

“Does the message create a sense of urgency?”  (Irwin)

When looking at an email or text or whatever it may be that I am unsure about, I want to look for a sense of urgency. Does this email ask me to do something as soon as possible or dire consequences will occur? Yes, the email above is telling me that I must verify my account within the next 24 hours. I should then ask myself questions like, “Why would I only have 24 hours? Would a company like Apple deactivate my account and risk losing my business? Probably not.” Companies compete based on their ability to serve their customers; a company that asks its user to do something or else, would not have a very good reputation. Therefore, the urgency and the threat to follow make me leery of believing such contents.

Does the email make sense context?

A good way of determining if an email is a scam is to place the information written in the email into the context of your life. This “Apple” email says that I cannot “access my account or any Apple services”. I am currently seeing this email two days later and my phone and laptop both operate as normal. Were this true, this would not be the case. This email is wrong, nothing has been locked out or paused. Similarly, if I receive an email alerting me that a package needs to be claimed as shown below:

I would be critical of the context surrounding the email. I would consider whether I even ordered a package. I haven’t. I would also consider if there had been any indication of people coming to my house to deliver the package, as is noted above, and they hadn’t. Therefore, I know that this email does not make sense when placed in the context of my life. I can determine that such emails are a scam.


The internet is filled with many people attempting to expertly and deceitfully take your money and information to exploit you. While the internet is a wonderful place to connect with friends and family, we must also be wary of schemes that seek to take advantage of us. Being alert and critical of all the information you receive while on the internet is critical to practicing internet safety and may protect you from falling for these internet bandits.



Works Cited

Irwin, Luke. “5 Ways to Detect a Phishing Email – with Examples.” IT Governance UK Blog, 13 July 2022, www.itgovernance.co.uk/blog/5-ways-to-detect-a-phishing-email.


Best Summer Activities for Seniors

It’s time to start our favourite summer activities because the heat has finally arrived in the Okanagan. Here are a few suggestions for fun activities that we like to do with our residents that may interest you this summer.

Attend an event with live music.

Regency hosts several musical events within our resorts, including happy hour where musical guests attend and music in the theater where musical wonders are featured in our theater rooms. Regency also supports a free concert series throughout Kelowna called Parks Alive! We love seeing the residents dance and chat while live music plays throughout our common spaces and enjoy supporting other services that provide this for the public as well. We suggest going to your town or city’s webpage and looking at the monthly events calendar to see similar activities near you.

Games in the shade

While you can play games anywhere in the summer, we recommend staying out of the sun on hotter days. Games like bocce and ladder golf or bean bag toss are a fun and easy way to spend those summer afternoons at the park or beach. So, grab a frisbee and head outside, just don’t get it stuck in a tree.

Ice Cream Social

At Regency, we love a good ice cream social. Curated an ice cream sundae bar for you and your friends. Maybe even spice it up by bringing soda for some good old-fashioned floats. Having a variety of ice creams and toppings is a fun way to have a personalized treat on a nice summer evening. We also suggest finishing the evening with an outdoor movie for a perfect summer night.

Wine Touring

For those of us who may not want to spend as much time in the sun. Visiting a winery for either a tasting or lunch is a great way to beat the heat yet still enjoy a seasonal drink and support local business. If you do not live near a winery, try a beer, tea, or even coffee tasting. Cool Okanagan options that allow for differing tasting options include:

Outdoor Shopping

Need a way to spend your Saturday mornings? Touring different yard sales or farmer’s markets is a great way to spend your time. Not only are there plenty of treasures found at both venues, but in doing so you also support local business by shopping at the farmer’s market and the environment by shopping second-hand. At Regency, we even hold our own yard sales and donate goods that would otherwise fill the landfills. Holding your own yard sale is a great summer activity and helps you sell some of your old goods before hunkering down for the colder months. Try looking at your neighborhood Facebook pages. They’re a great way to see what people around you are doing and whether they are holding a garage sale.

Sporting Events

Events like Pickleball and Golf are fun sports to watch in the summer. And, with people spending time at parks, there is no shortage of Volleyball, Spikeball, and Soccer games being played by people looking to have a fun time in the sun. Attending one of these games is a great way to spend time with others and watch a sport you love

A Night at the Park

Christie’s Canada Day Party Tricks


Canada Day is just a few short days away, in honour of our country’s birthday, we thought we would ask one of our Fun Force Directors for her suggestions on how to host a great Canada Day Party. Here are some of her top tips:

Canada Day Cake or Cupcakes

For a livelier party, we suggest some delicious red and white pastries or foods. Nothing says party like a cake or cupcakes. Not only will it give you continuity with the Canada day theme, but it will do the double duty of being décor and party fuel. We love this as a staple at any party.

Red and White dress-up Contest

For those attending the party, we suggest you hold a costume contest. Those with the best costumes will be given a prize of some sort. Suggest that your attendees dress for the red and white theme in the most creative way they can think of and see what happens. Your pictures will look funky and cool after this additional party trick…see what we did there…party trick.

Choir performing Canadian songs

Suppose you are hosting a party or, like us, an event at a Retirement Resort. In either case, Canadian songs are a solid way to keep the party going. From Michael Bublé  and Gordon Lightfoot to Paul Anka and Celine Dion, your playlist or, in our case, the choir should be full of Canadian voices and tunes that remind us of home.

Canadian Themed Movies

At regency Resorts, our residents love a good movie. Why not celebrate this festive day with a Canadian film or show for those who might want a more relaxed July 1st? We highly suggest throwing on Anne with an E and settling in for a Canadian classic.

Canadian Trivia/Facts

A trivia challenge is always a fun game to play during a party. We suggest asking Canadian-themed questions at this year’s Canada Day Parties. We also love throwing in a few good jokes to ensure no stone is left unturned. Hey, how do you get a Canadian to apologize? …Step on their foot!

Come visit us at our Canada Day booth in downtown Kelowna or take a tour at one of our resorts. Regency wishes you a fun and safe Canada Day!

How to Become a People Person

At Regency, we strive to be the most welcoming and warm place to both live and work. Everyone here is kind and caring towards the people that reside at our Resorts. Regency’s residents and staff are people-y people (people who like each other’s company), and we have some helpful tips on how you can be similar.

Smile genuinely

We believe that a smile is one of the best ways to connect with others. We know that a smile is a small thing we can do to brighten someone’s day and so we try to bring that attitude into every situation. Not only does a smile make others feel good, but it also helps you feel great as well. Ding Li writes in their article, “When our smiling muscles contract, they fire a signal back to the brain, stimulating our reward system, and further increasing our level of happy hormones, or endorphins. In short, when our brain feels happy, we smile; when we smile, our brain feels happier” (Li) and proves to us why Regency goes the extra mile and smile, it makes us happy! So go forth and smile today! It might just bring you and others much closer.

Care for the people you are interacting with

At Regency, we believe that when we care for someone, we show a genuine interest in them and their lives. We seek out situations that allow us to connect with them. The University of Rochester Medical Clinic provides us with 6 ways to show people you care:

  1. Write them a powerful letter full of love and hope.
  2. Take care of some of their responsibilities (for example, watch their kids, do their laundry, cook them dinner, or go shopping for them).
  3. Call often to remind them how much you love them and how you are always thinking of them.
  4. When you visit, bring a book to read aloud or a movie to watch together.
  5. Bring them pictures of your times together and hang them where they can be viewed all the time.
  6. Spend time reminiscing about the fun times that you’ve shared (as children, in high school or college, or on vacations). Remind him or her that there will be more good times in the future (“Easy Ways to Show Someone You Care – Health Encyclopedia – University of Rochester Medical Center”)

We resonate highly with the second item on this list. Taking care of people and letting their work go noticed by those around them is the most promising way to share and connect with others. Caring builds positive experiences with people. When we show people we care, they will return it in kind, thus making connecting all the better. Our staff serve the residents in every area of their lives and makes getting to know one another even more special because we show we care.


Couple dancing

Let go of judgment

Judgment of others can be a rabbit hole no one wanted to go down and can lead to sometimes false assumptions about others. Now, that doesn’t seem like a connection to us. Kier Brady writes in her article “How to Stop Judging Others” that judgment is something we all do, but that it “is a quick process, often based on superficial information. The comparison used to judge is more about you and your own strengths and weaknesses that have very little to do with the other person” (Brady). Brady then goes on to give six tips on how to stop negative judgment, the first being that of practicing curiosity and how in doing so you can form better connections with people. We believe that by slowing down and getting to know people we can cease our judgments of them. By finding interesting bits of information, we can become closer to those around us. Maybe even like people around us more. The comfort of the Regency lifestyle allows you the time to be curious about others, to suspend judgement, and find connection.

Enjoy your time with everyone that you encounter

We believe fully in this mentality. In having fun in our interactions with others, both residents and co-workers, we can facilitate better connections. So why not leave room for fun. At Regency, we strive for fun and enjoyment to be at the heart of everything we do. Michael Rucker supports this idea of fun when he notes in his article that “having more fun improves your relationships, both at work and in life” (Rucker). Citing that we are more appealing as people when we have more fun (Rucker). Lastly, Rucker notes “Studies show that fun activities at work can improve our relationships with co-workers. These strong bonds developed with our colleagues have been linked to improved performance and productivity” by citing Kansal, Puja, & Maheshwari. So, the fun you have at work is paramount to how you are with the people at work. Regency understands that fun must be a part of the job and we love to have fun, not only for ourselves but for the residents. Being someone who like to be with others is predicated on fun and Regency strives to weave that into the lives of both its staff and residents.

Happy Oktoberfest ladies

Put yourself out of your comfort zone

Someone, somewhere once wrote “growth doesn’t happen in comfort” or something to that affect. Regardless, we can see that when people push themselves to be outgoing and connect with everyone around them, that massive benefits can be a result. Joshua Miller in his article “7 Benefits of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone” notes that there are the following benefits when we allow ourselves to feel discomfort.

  1. Opportunity to grow
  2. Learn about yourself
  3. Expanding yourself and your creativity
  4. Increase your self-confidence
  5. Learn to deal with challenges
  6. Life becomes lively
  7. Build new relationships

We love when people grow through challenging activities they have never done before and think it’s inspiring to see these people flourish not only within themselves, but in their relationships with others as well. Working with the same co-workers and residents everyday allows you the space to explore the boundaries of your comfort zone, to dance with a resident on their birthday, or crack a joke when you wait for an elevator. Let’s embark on a journey outside of our comfort zone.

Realize the value you have in every conversation

Stephanie Kirby, author of “Why self-worth matters and how to improve it” helps people to understand the importance of self-worth and recognize how important they are (a critical step to becoming someone who likes other people—liking yourself first). “You can have more honest relationships when you have a higher sense of self-worth because you don’t feel the need to hide who you are. This goes for romantic relationships [and] work relationships, friendships, and family relationships. They become more honest when you value yourself.” (Kirby). Recognizing your worth not only in the eyes of others but to yourself is of the utmost importance. We know how awesome and needed you are, and we hope you do too.

Psychology today’s article on how to be yourself starts with what we think is the most important factor in being a people person, accepting yourself (Davis). Being comfortable with yourself will help others see how awesome you are and make you feel the best in every situation. We already accept you, so why shouldn’t you accept you?


Smiling Seniors

If you find this blog interesting and wish to become a part of a wonderful team that will help you facilitate all of these things and help you become a people person, then apply online—careers@regencyresorts.ca or attend our hiring fair on June 25th at 1277 Gordon Drive, Kelowna or June 26th at 3457 Wilson Street, Penticton.



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