Best Summer Activities for Seniors

It’s time to start our favourite summer activities because the heat has finally arrived in the Okanagan. Here are a few suggestions for fun activities that we like to do with our residents that may interest you this summer.

Attend an event with live music.

Regency hosts several musical events within our resorts, including happy hour where musical guests attend and music in the theater where musical wonders are featured in our theater rooms. Regency also supports a free concert series throughout Kelowna called Parks Alive! We love seeing the residents dance and chat while live music plays throughout our common spaces and enjoy supporting other services that provide this for the public as well. We suggest going to your town or city’s webpage and looking at the monthly events calendar to see similar activities near you.

Games in the shade

While you can play games anywhere in the summer, we recommend staying out of the sun on hotter days. Games like bocce and ladder golf or bean bag toss are a fun and easy way to spend those summer afternoons at the park or beach. So, grab a frisbee and head outside, just don’t get it stuck in a tree.

Ice Cream Social

At Regency, we love a good ice cream social. Curated an ice cream sundae bar for you and your friends. Maybe even spice it up by bringing soda for some good old-fashioned floats. Having a variety of ice creams and toppings is a fun way to have a personalized treat on a nice summer evening. We also suggest finishing the evening with an outdoor movie for a perfect summer night.

Wine Touring

For those of us who may not want to spend as much time in the sun. Visiting a winery for either a tasting or lunch is a great way to beat the heat yet still enjoy a seasonal drink and support local business. If you do not live near a winery, try a beer, tea, or even coffee tasting. Cool Okanagan options that allow for differing tasting options include:

Outdoor Shopping

Need a way to spend your Saturday mornings? Touring different yard sales or farmer’s markets is a great way to spend your time. Not only are there plenty of treasures found at both venues, but in doing so you also support local business by shopping at the farmer’s market and the environment by shopping second-hand. At Regency, we even hold our own yard sales and donate goods that would otherwise fill the landfills. Holding your own yard sale is a great summer activity and helps you sell some of your old goods before hunkering down for the colder months. Try looking at your neighborhood Facebook pages. They’re a great way to see what people around you are doing and whether they are holding a garage sale.

Sporting Events

Events like Pickleball and Golf are fun sports to watch in the summer. And, with people spending time at parks, there is no shortage of Volleyball, Spikeball, and Soccer games being played by people looking to have a fun time in the sun. Attending one of these games is a great way to spend time with others and watch a sport you love