7 Local Places to Go in Kelowna

If you are just coming to Kelowna to visit, are moving to town for school, or have lived here your whole life, Kelowna has some wonderful local stores to shop and eat at. We’ve compiled a list of great places to visit in your time here.


A downtown staple specializing in home decor, accessories, and little hidden gems, Funktional has a wide variety of goodies to look at and choose from.

Photo: Funktional Instagram


A coffee shop nestled in a quaint avenue near the casino, Sprout makes wonderful coffee and even better bread and baked goods. Their open and inviting décor allows you to sit and enjoy a coffee while staring out at the street beyond or just listening to the bustle of the shop.

Photo: Sprout Bread Shop Instagram

Parlour Ice Cream

One of downtown Kelowna’s ice cream shops, Parlour is known for its vegan and dairy homemade ice creams. While the line to order may be long in the summer, this delectable treat is worth the wait.

Photo: Parlour Ice Cream Instagram

OKGN Lifestyle

Who doesn’t want to represent their home region with stylishly designed apparel and accessories? OKGN Lifestyle has been in Kelowna for many years and has established itself as a trendy and quality brand. Located right next to Sprout, these make for a wonderful fall morning wearing your new sweater and sipping a latte.

Photo: Okanagan Lifestyle Instagram

Mosaic Books

One of our local bookstores, Mosaic offers a plentiful variety of new and bargain books for readers to peruse. Located right in the downtown core, Mosaic makes for the perfect stop on the way to the beach.

Photo: Mosaic Books Instagram

Chickpeace Zero Waste Refillery

For those of us looking to reduce the waste we produce and shop more sustainably, Chickpeace offers a great place to fill your reusable containers or buy sustainable makeup, cleaning products, or utensils. Located near the landmark buildings, Chickpeace is a wonderful alternative to shopping for single-use plastics.

Photo: Chickpeace Zero Waste Refillery Instagram


A sleeper hit, Central is in the North End of Kelowna. Their amazing culinary creations will have you returning time and again. With both a great cocktail and food menu as well as vegan alternatives, what more could you ask for?

Photo: Central Kelowna Instagram